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Welcome! We’re so glad that you’re here.

Hi, we are Christine and Madison and the founders of Homecooked Hygge.

We are two Colorado mamas with a desire to deliver freshly prepared and nourishing meals to support our community!

With a shared love for Ayurveda, we understand how critical food is in rebuilding the body and maintaining optimal health.

We joined forces to bring healing meals to people like you — busy families, postpartum moms/families, anyone recovering from illness, surgery, loss, or who just want to live well and feel good.

We are grateful to be able to share our love of good food, community and simple, joyful living with you!

Our Team

We believe that the energy infused in our food is important.

We take pride in introducing you to our team at Homecooked Hygge.

Our team is here to serve you high quality, conscious and nourishing meals delivered directly to your door.

Christine FitzGerald - Founder

Christine is a community planner and lifelong yogi. With Danish roots, she has always embraced hygge as a way of life. She studied Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking with Divya Alter at the Bhagavat Life Culinary School in NYC.

Madison Waggoner - Founder

Madison is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and meditation instructor. She is the founder and owner of Shri Wellness. She has studied Ayurveda with many teachers including Dr. Paul Dugliss, Alakananda Ma and Dr. Bharat Vaidya. She loves finding ways to make meaningful impact in her community.

Tessa Snyder - Chef

Tessa Snyder recently moved to Denver from the Bay Area be closer to family and the mountains. Her menus prioritize organic produce and reflect the changing seasons as well as diverse flavor profiles that she fell in love with growing up in the Bay Area and through her travels. When Tessa is not in the kitchen she’s often hiking with her partner, Liam and dog, Lupine.