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Nourishing meals. Delivered to you.

Served hygge (hoo-gah) style. It’s comfort at mealtime!

We deliver freshly-prepared, organic, and sustainable meals directly to your door that nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Our meals are particularly suited for those seeking wellness for themselves and their families, pregnant or postpartum moms and people recovering from illness, injury and surgery.

We are proud to serve our communities in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.


One-Time Order

A La Carte

This is perfect for those who want to try our meals, have a busy week and need support or wish to send a one-time gift

Weekly Subscription

Recurring Order

Receive discounts on packages and exclusive offerings. This is our most sustainable option as we deliver in glassware. When we deliver your order, we pick up the previous week's glassware.

Jessica V.

“I am beyond grateful for this service!! I strive for a healthy lifestyle, but often busy schedules and exhaustion can make it challenging. These nourishing, balancing meals are everything I want, but struggle to make myself. Homecooked Hygge is delicious, nutritious, creative, and most of all so convenient! I love this amazing, conscientious company.”

Nicole S.

"The food is AMAZING. So good.”

Paul W.

"Holy moly it’s delicious - love it 10000%” “Omg the ginger miso dressing - very elegant 5 stars.”

Kerry W.

“I ordered the Wellness plan from Homecooked Hygge for a busy week and the food was soooo good! The delivery came and everything was in compostable packaging (love this!). I tried dishes that I had never tried before (Kitchari and Chana Masala) and I’m hooked now. The sunbutter truffles were also amazing (my husband kept sneaking some)! I was pleasantly surprised on how filling these meals were and they made me feel so good throughout the week. I can’t have gluten or dairy so it was nice having the GF/ vegan options labeled with GF and VGN before ordering to make sure I could eat them. I’m looking forward to trying more of this delicious food!” - Erin T. “I've had meals delivered twice now. The delivery has been excellent, packaging is sustainable (I did not do the recurring delivery with glass containers, which would be even better), and the instructions are easy to follow. But none of that compares to how incredibly DELICIOUS the food is! Like, high-end restaurant flavors and quality ingredients. It's a treat that's also so healthy - you can't lose. I can't wait to gift this to new mamas and families and get it again for mine!”

What makes us different?

We are a mission-driven company with intent to make your life easier and do well for our community and planet, too.

just reheat and eat!


all subscriptions receive glassware + all one-time orders receive compostables


always organic, upon availability


we are two Colorado mamas with a passion to serve our community in the best way we know how

Our Meals

We believe the real secret sauce to a vibrant life is simple, seasonal and mouth-watering dishes. Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing science, recognizes that easily digestible and nourishing foods are key to experiencing good physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

We use organic and local ingredients to make seasonal dishes infused with love and healing energy.

Our meals are particularly suited for those seeking wellness for themselves and their families, pregnant or postpartum moms and people recovering from illness, injury and surgery as well as those working through life's inevitable challenges.

Whatever stage of life you're in, we're here to take care of you.

“Food is not just fuel; it is about family, community, and identity. We nourish all those things when we eat well.” — Michael Pollan